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Nedra Russ and Julio "Inglasses" Guerra make up nJr - a duo performing Americana, Blues, Country, Originals as well as hand picked covers.
Cover tunes that are timeless and insprational to them.  
Both seasoned, award-winning musicians, they are true soul mates united by a bond of performance and composition.

They released their first album "Everybody's Been Somewhere" on April 6, 2012. The hard copy CD is available at live shows 'Everybody' runs the gamut of human emotions from the whimsical "Little Bumblebee" to the bluesy romantic "Just Hit Rewind" to the morose "I was Sick & I Couldn't Get Well." If there's a human emotion, nJr captures it. 

In 2013 they took the Golden spike award at Jamestown historic 1857 railroad harmonica train song.

open link on radio for interview on album 

Everybody's been somewhere took 2nd Place for album of the year.  

World of Harmonica
10 minutes ago
Thank you everybody who took the time to vote for their favorite album of 2012. Here is this years World Of Harmonica Album of the Year 2012 Peoples Vote Top 10:

1 - James Supra Blues Band - Tip My Hat to the Maker
2 - NJR Nedra Russ & Julio Ingasses - Everybody's Been Somewhere
3 - Fried Bourbon Gravy Train
4 - Dave Goodman & Steve Baker - The Wine Dark Sea
5 - Hard Times Trio
6 - Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones - What's it Gonna Take
7 - Fabrizio Poggi - HARPWAY 61
8 - Adrian Jimenez - Rockin' Blues
9 - Tom Walbank - Blues In Dub
10 - Mississippi Heat - Delta Bound


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