The making of Everybody's been Somewhere

One year down and many to go 

Well it has been one heck of a year ! All the show's and all the new people we have meet, and new friends made. Thank you ALL ! We look forward with great enthusiasm new song on the board to be performed and written. We have had some bumps in the Road We have lost a dear Family member and my aging Mother has had a very ruff year, we celebrate there lives and are grateful for all the… Read more

Big Walter Horton  

 Walter Horton was born in Horn Lake, MS (April 6, 1917), but his mother soon moved to Memphis where Walter taught himself how to play the harmonica at five years of age. He later learned more about his instrument by working with harp players Will Shade and Hammie Nixon.Walter was the master of the single note and his characteristic walking bass line (usually with a deep tone and selection of notes that is… Read more

47 down 

  Kennedy mine head spirits of the miners on there way out from the argonaut "Spirits over Jackson"  The photos I used to create this work are of the miners and the firefighters that tried to save them.The Argonaut produced 1.13 million ounces of gold valued at $25.7 million . The Kennedy reaped $34.3 million in gold elevated through three main shafts and lesser ones during its 90 plus years of… Read more

Meet Mike Caldwell 

   1: As this is your first trip Tell us how it all began for you how you came to love and play the Harmonica?       I began plinking out melodies on the piano at the age of 4, so by the time I first encountered the harmonica at age 10 my passion for music had already been ignited. I remember the exact moment I was bitten by the harmonica bug. I was on a Boy Scout camp-out… Read more

History of the Harmonica "the way west" 

Shortly after Hohner began manufacturing harmonicas in 1857, he shipped some to relatives who had emigrated to the United States. Its music rapidly became popular, and the country became an enormous market for Hohner's goods. Winslow Yerxa  added this info mation for us all  great stuff Hi, Nedra. That's probably me. Available production figures for Hohner, the biggest producer,… Read more

Joe Filisko Teach In. 

  Hell-o Joe  #1: When and how did you get involved with SPAH?   My first  SPAH was Detroit 1990.  I believe that the first year I volunteered was Memphis 1994 and have tried to be as involved as I could in every successive year. #2: When was your first teach in? I honestly don't remember.  Probably… Read more

Part 1 Manfred Wewers Convention Seminar Coordinator 

 Manfred   #1: I got to meet you last year when I took your seminar and learned that you know allot about the history of the harmonica.       I would say you are a great historian of the instrument, I enjoyed your talk very much.        How did you first become interested in the Harmonica?   My father Josef played the harmonica,… Read more

This years entertainer of the year Brendan Powers 

 Each year there are Awards at SPAH they are the grand finally of the event and given out at the Closing dinner and show, for me it is very emotional as it is the end so lots of crying, hugging, and packing up to go back to life as we know it! Last year Brendan Powers won entertainer of the year. I wonder who will win this year? From Brendans… Read more

About the vendors. 

 Well like most Woman I love to shop but unlike most woman I prefer harmonicas to diamonds. However I do not like to buy things that are costly without knowing something about them and the nice thing about SPAH is the vendors are there to help you understand the products they sell. One of the first things that interested me the most as a live electric player was the microphones and amps. I first… Read more

Tom Stryker Meet the President  

 Hi Tom, thanks you for the time here at Nedra's Blog.       1: Tom when and how did you start playing harmonic? My three cousins and I received a  280 Chromatic for Christmas when I was 15 living in San Francisco.  Fortunately, former Borah Minevitch Ray Tankersley lived nearby and we engaged him to teach us.  He… Read more